Sunday, January 12, 2020

Private Agenda: Underrated Artist of the Decade (2010s)

After much contemplation in the many genres that inspire and move our hearts, it is with a sincere pleasure that we draw attention to the musical artist who in this blog's experience is truly worthy of that singular accolade of Underrated Artist of the Decade (2010s)

In the often saturated and disposable market of underground music there are few groups that demonstrate the stamina, versatility, and creative substance which are required to elevate themselves to the next level. The eclectic London/Berlin based project of Sean Phillips and Martin Aggrowe (Private Agenda) however embodies exactly that kind of talent. From their very first release on Mark Barrott's timeless "International Feel" label, it was clear that this act was truly something unique.

Armed with an unmistakable balance of the vintage and the fresh, of the pristine and the rough, Private Agenda seems to effortlessly inject depth and grace into their songwriting, both in the realm of dance music and in songs more appropriate for listening environments. There was a memorable bootleg edit of their single "Deja Vu" which appeared on a Life on Planets mixtape, then a vital contribution to the Balearic 4 compilation that followed, but this was only the beginning of the act's development, a story that keeps getting better and better with each release.

Since their sophmore record, the duo of Sean and Martin have continuously evolved and demonstrated a wealth of creativity in composing some of the most beautiful music of the last decade. From their wonderful ambient EP on Northern Soul (Dusk & Dawn), to their collaboration with Massimiliano Pagliaria on the esteemed Live at Robert Johnson label, to the standout "Primary Colors" mini album on Needwant, and their impeccable songwriting on the diverse, full-vocal EP "Aura" on Lo recordings -- they have proven again and again they can simply do no wrong. Even that is not a worthy description of their quality, for through their production, arrangement, lyrics, and undeniable groove, this group has set the gold standard in modern music.

Join us for a listening session below as we take a trip down memory lane and marinate in the soulful music of the one and only Private Agenda, our pick for the most Underrated Artist of the Decade. Wishing the boys all the best in 2020 and sending gratitude for their incredible contribution to the art-form of independent music.

Private Agenda's production credits include releases with Needwant, 
Universal Music, Nightshift Records, Lo Recordings, Better on Foot, Live At Robert Johnson, and International Feel. For more information about Private Agenda visit their website:

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