Monday, August 19, 2019

Soundsystems First: A Loveletter from Japan

In Japan's listening bars, customers take their sound systems very seriously.

This Resident Advisor produced segment focuses on "Bridge" - a venue that got its name from the owners desire for it to be just that, a bridge between people, and "a place where new things are born." Featuring resident Djs each day of the week, the bar overlooks the busy Shibuya crossing in Tokyo.

A brief glimpse into the heart of such a space, one packed with a high quality, well-balanced soundsystem (and a Urei rotary mixer) leaves us wondering... will there ever again be a music venue in our city of Baltimore which is open daily, and takes its sound system this seriously?

"You can feel the bass, you can feel the bass real hard...The music is just all around you constantly. It's a great way to just release stress after work" - Bridge Regular

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