Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Larry Heard video interview in Moscow

Deep House innovator and all around humble gentleman Larry Heard spoke with Red Bull Music Academy in Moscow for an on-stage interview, discussing an array of topics: the power of improvisation in dance music, his early years playing drums in rock bands, how he continues to find inspiration to produce, and what it's like when major labels become threatened by a new sound. 

The interview bears more than a few golden nuggets, such as the time Sade's people reached out to him to produce her album, or when Frankie Knuckles poked fun at him for playing the keys manually, rather than using the electronic sequencer. Larry even gives us a bit of insight into his music creation process, one which he calls "freestyle" and "more meditative than thinking."

When asked about his feelings regarding coming up in a city still somewhat segregated, he said he "couldn't say a ton about that" - being someone who was interested in art, such a path put him around many different kinds of people, transcending social standards. He does however elude to the economic factors present in a historical initiative to destroy disco music, launched by a radio personality in the late 70s with questionable motives.

A working man since the age of 15, Heard apparently held a number of jobs, including some time at McDonalds, and in the welfare office of the local government in Chicago - where he worked in the computer room. He eventually met Robert Owens and composed the classic "Mystery of Love" track on the very first day he bought a 'Roland Jupiter 6' synthesizer, setting him on a path towards one of the most meaningful production careers in the world. Pull out the popcorn for this one...

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